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Concealed Carry

Instructor led classes to get your CCW permit.

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AR Rifle

Classes to learn how to use an AR pattern rifle.

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Defensive Carry

Learn to responsibly carry a firearm in public.

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Ladies Night

For ladies who have little or no experience with firearms.

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Classes to learn how to use a handgun.

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Home Defense

Learn how be safe and secure in your home.

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Firearm Cleaning

Learn to clean and maintain your firearm.

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Youth Classes

Partnering with the West Fargo Parks District.

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Standard Rifle

Classes to learn how to use a standard style rifle.

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Situational Awareness

Learn how to be aware of your surroundings.

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Firearm Safety at Home

Learn the basics of firearm safety and storage in the home.

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Hunters Education

Hunters education classes.

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